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Crafted to cater to ladies at every stage of life – from the young ones to the seasoned retirees – if you’re genuinely committed to taking charge of your health, this is for you. Unveiling a comprehensive evaluation of countless snippets of your genetic blueprint, it’s your gateway to unlocking tailored revelations that guide you toward mastering your Health & Wellness game. Say goodbye to generic advice – say hello to your personalised roadmap to optimum well-being!

From a simple saliva test, the Lady-Pack includes a full analysis of hundreds of thousands of ‘snips’ of your genetic information and gives you insights into the specific requirements to help you optimise your Health & Wellness.

Comprehensive Health Report Categories

  • Introductory Report
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Bones, Joints & Muscles
  • Respiratory Health
  • Metabolic Health
  • Pain
  • Hormone
  • Fatigue
  • Kidneys & Urinary Tract
  • Immunity & Inflammation
  • Skin & Beauty
  • Brain Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Personality
  • Sleep
  • Gut Health
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health

Muscle Gain & Exercise Potential, Vitamin & Mineral requirements, Food Sensitivities, Weight, Diet & Fat Loss, Back Pain, PCOS, Shoulder & Neck Pain, Sexual Function, Urinary Tract, Uric Acid, Chronic Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Fertility, Fatigue, Cholesterol, Kidney Health, Kidney Stones, Heart Health, Bone Health, Joint Inflammation, Gut Inflammation, Mood, Brain Fog, Blood Sugar, ADHD, Allergies, COMT, ApoE, Endometriosis and much more

Easy-to-understand reports with risk assessments and health suggestions based on your personal genetics. Our reports;

  • compare your genetic data with information from thousands of scientific studies.
  • list your relevant genetic variations and their reported impact
  • summarise your estimated risk for a large variety of traits
  • provide personalised supplement advice
  • show you how to best utilise this knowledge to improve and optimise your life

Your health is THE most important part of your life. A healthy person lives longer, better, and will excel in all aspects of their life. TAKE CONTROL

You can find hundreds of 5 Star reviews from our clients here

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 28 × 21.5 × 4 cm

74 reviews for Lady Pro

  1. Rob VDM

    Rob VDM (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great review George. Stay healthy

  2. Rob VDM

    Rob VDM (verified owner)

    Thank you, Lyndel. Stay healthy

  3. Judie D (verified owner)

    After many years of trying to get my weight under control and a different diet every month I saw this advertised and thought why not. To be honest I didn’t really think that it would be as helpful and useful in finding what works for me. I have made changes to my diet, adjusted my vitamins and a few other useful bits of advice and it’s working. I am firming up, losing weight and feel fabulous. Thank you brain labs

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Thanks for the great review Lyndel. We wish you health & happiness

  4. Rob VDM

    Joe S (verified owner)

    My doc told me that looking at my genetics would answer some questions regarding my predisposition to a couple of things we have running in the family. Lots of online research later and I am glad I went with Brain labs mostly because of their outstanding customer support but big praise for how easy this has all been. A lot cheaper than the other companies too! No extra charges for reports etc, no subscriptions and all in Oz dollars.Will upgrade to the bigger pack

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Thanks for the great review Joe. Wishing you health & happiness

  5. Mercedes F (verified owner)

    Great experience, great reports, great post purchase customer support. Happily giving my recommendation

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thank you for the great review Mercedes. Keep healthy

  6. Maria O (verified owner)

    Ladies this is a must do for us all. If you are really interested in your body then you need to do this. I am very happy I did

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Hi Maria, thank you for the review. Stay healthy

  7. Rob VDM

    Julie L (verified owner)

    Love working with Australian companies and especially in healthcare. Brain Labs gives you the ability to control your future by showing you what you are made of. So simple. Good people in their customer care department too.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thanks Julie. Stay informed, stay healthy.

  8. Martine B (verified owner)

    Really easy process and compelling reading. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of my reports this morning as I have upgraded to the ultimate pro pack. Good work brain labs

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thank you for the review, Martine. Stay healthy

  9. Rob VDM

    Christos M (verified owner)

    Wish I could give you guys 10 stars. Changed my life for the better and was easy to do, finally getting to the core of my weight issues. Great customer support too

  10. Rob VDM

    Gillian F (verified owner)

    A reference library for the whole family. So glad we did this and now have real and valuable insights into our genetics. I thought at first that this was really only an investment for the kids but my husband and I have benefited so much from doing this. No problem at all recommending brain labs DNA testing. Thank you

  11. Rob VDM

    Steven B (verified owner)

    Relevant, important, accurate and easy to read information in these reports. Cannot fault anything.

    • Rob VDM

      Martyn from Customer Care

      Thank you for the review Steven, Stay healthy

  12. Rob VDM

    Lesley C (verified owner)

    I did a mydna test before this and was so disappointed. Big woop, yeah I can drink more coffee than the average person!! Thought I would do this after reading a lot of their reviews and blogs and just felt that it might be worthwhile. Game-changer and I am so happy I did because it is a complete record for possibilities and body requirements. I do recommend this company and their DNA analysis.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Hi Lesley, thanks for the review. Many years of research & development has gone into our products and software and we are proud of the result. Stay healthy.

  13. Rob VDM

    Spencer S (verified owner)

    Happy to recommend this company and their DNA kits.

  14. Rob VDM

    Susie C (verified owner)

    I have a bunch of autoimmune issues and thought I would give this a go as I am tired of going to the doctor and not ever getting on top of my health problems. Firstly I have to say that it has been so interesting and made me rethink my health and diet for a start. I got my reports a month ago and have been making changes since then, feeling better, more positive and more energy.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Great to hear you are on track Susie, keep up the good work and stay healthy.

  15. Rob VDM

    Kristy L (verified owner)

    An adventure has been had with all of this and it continues with all the updates to my reports as the science does. Wonderful experience with Brain Labs.

  16. Rob VDM

    Hilary B (verified owner)

    The risk summary came in really handy to look at highrisk possibles first. Loving the detail and information in all of the reports. Have upgraded to the ultimate pack from the lady pro. Recommend 100%

  17. Rob VDM

    Kumar P (verified owner)

    A very good resource for all the family. We have tested 5 members so far and are making changes and seeing results. Thank you

  18. Rob VDM

    Dakota S (verified owner)

    Clear and easy to read reports and great all natural recommendations. I showed my doctor the reports when I went in with stomach pains a few weeks ago as she didn’t even know this was available. My IBS was diagnosed simply and now addressing my food and other allergies. Brilliant, thank you Brain Labs

  19. Rob VDM

    Levi D (verified owner)

    Fast, easy, and worthwhile. Good set of people at their offices too. I buggered up my order and paid for 2 kits at first by mistake, instant refund, and no-nonsense from these guys. Reports have also come back and I am happy to recommend brain labs.

  20. Rob VDM

    Stacey LL (verified owner)

    We did the kids first, our youngest was hard because he didn’t understand how to give spit but we did it over a few days and got it done, the other slightly older kids were easy (3, 5 & 6). So glad we did this and now know what they are genetically intolerant and allergic to. The youngest one used to come out in rashes all the time and it was from a lectin intolerance that we would have never picked up on. My husband and I have also done this and bought one for mum’s birthday (she’s is 76). All of us have benefited and I cannot thank brain labs enough.

  21. Rob VDM

    Carl J (verified owner)

    Plenty of info in here for all you fellow gym goers. Adjusting according to my genetics not what everyone else is telling me what to do or trying to sell me. Don’t need to cut out the carbs either. A different approach to fitness but makes total sense.

  22. Rob VDM

    SY Chang (verified owner)

    You will gain much information from this. My original intention for this was to understand allergies but it has provided a lot more.

  23. Rob VDM

    Hayley W (verified owner)

    I ordered the full Brain Labs pack after becoming ill with covid this year and a view to improving my overall health, immune system and recovery. Highly impressed with everything. Their customer service is second to none, the reports you receive are informative and really accurate and the whole process has been easy. Thank you

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Hi Hayley, glad to hear you are so happy with the reports and are making good use of them. Stay healthy

  24. Rob VDM

    TJ S (verified owner)

    The process is easy and the reports cover everything I need to know plus a lot more. Good company

  25. Rob VDM

    Kim T (verified owner)

    Really informative and very useful. A Worthwhile experience. Customer service before, during, and after delivery of all the amazing reports is also excellent. I would highly recommend anyone to do this. It provides so many wonderful tools and advices to increase one’s health and well-being. A good map to understand issues and wellness.

  26. Rob VDM

    Joss M (verified owner)

    A very good company for doing dna analysis with. I have also used another company but it turned out they were not in Australia and it took months to get the results which were very disappointing. Brain Labs are great and it has been a really good experience

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Hi Joss, so good to hear you had a great experience with us, and thank you for the review. Keep up the healthy lifestyle.

  27. Rob VDM

    Joseph G (verified owner)

    FIFO worker and completely feeling drained all the time so thought I would do this and see what comes from it. Have fine tuned my supplements (with help from Martyn in customer support) and addressed a tonne of inflammation core issues.
    My gratitude goes to this company and in particular Martyn. I’m a new man

  28. Rob VDM

    Bob L (verified owner)

    Game changer. This should integrated into part of the healthcare system! Takes a lot of work out of the ‘trial and error’ when visiting your doctor. I am very glad that I did this. Just ordered 3 more ult packs for the family. Great work Brain labs

  29. Rob VDM

    S Barnes (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service and quality reports. Easily explained in lay terms and underpinning academic research available for the scientific mindset. Incorporates recommendations in a gentle natural lifestyle if so needed. Highly beneficial insights that my stubborn partner has embraced. Looking forward to favourable changes. Highly recommend, thanks

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Hi Ms. Barnes, and thank you for the review. Great to hear that all the family is on board with this. Stay healthy

  30. Rob VDM

    George Pap (verified owner)

    So glad we have done this. A lot of things highlighted that we are looking at to improve our lives. Easy reading. Happy to recommend

  31. Rob VDM

    Titiana G (verified owner)

    Such a great product. I am very happy I did this.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thanks for the review Titiana. Keep up the good work and stay healthy

  32. Rob VDM

    Katey Mc (verified owner)

    Great company to help you achieve your health goals. Very happy with the reports and great customer service.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thank you for the review, Katie, stay healthy.

  33. Rob VDM

    Charlie S (verified owner)

    I have done testing with a couple of other DNA companies and I have to say that this is by far the best of the far. Highly recommended.

  34. Rob VDM

    Kathryn M (verified owner)

    Efficient, amazing service from this Queensland company. The reports are detailed and extremely professionally delivered as well as being so easy to read. Happy to recommend Brain labs.

  35. Rob VDM

    Alex S (verified owner)

    I have always had problem with my weight. up and down even with all the diets and teas and everything. I sent my sample to brain labs and had a few different reports to look through but found the most interesting for me were the thyroid and diet and fat loss. Amazing results and I am on track and feeling great. Thank you so much

  36. Rob VDM

    Alan H (verified owner)

    A very comprehensive analysis of my dna has been provided and I am happy with the reports and information.

  37. Rob VDM

    Josephine T (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Life changing

  38. Rob VDM

    Sam F (verified owner)

    This is by far the best investment in our health that my wife and I have done and only wish that we had done it sooner. Lots of companies doing this now but we are glad we went with Brain Labs (read the reviews, especially from docs and pro athletes). It’s been painless and we now have access to a wealth of information. Kudo’s to you all at Brain Labs and a special thanks to Martyn and Rob from customer support.

    • Rob VDM

      Rebecca from Customer Care

      Thank you for the vote of confidence Sam. It is very rewarding to get a review like this. Stay healthy

  39. Anne B (verified owner)

    I can recommend this product and Brain Labs without hesitation. The best investment I have made for my health ever. Many thanks

  40. Rob VDM

    Clinton D (verified owner)

    I originally purchased the man pro but have upgraded to the ultimate since. My goals here where to get my diet, and other supplement requirements fine tuned for the gym but I have since also addressed a multitude of potential issues that were showing could be a problem in the future. This whole thing is fascinating and I’m having fun geeking out on the science. Very happy, great purchase/investment

  41. Rob VDM

    Kev N (verified owner)

    There is a lot of information in this pack…a lot. I have started with the high-risk ones and am working my way through the folder. The histamine intolerance and thyroid and gut inflammation reports were spot on and confirmed in a few weeks what my doctors have been guessing about for years. DNA analysis is 100% the future of preventative healthcare.

  42. Rob VDM

    Pam at large (verified owner)

    First time I tried anything like this and I am 100% happy.

    Also, 100% satisfied with the service and especially their customer support.

  43. Rob VDM

    Robin (verified owner)

    This is what healthcare needs to be focussing on…prevention and knowledge. Love it and have had a great experience with this company

  44. Rob VDM

    Megan M (verified owner)

    Very simple process for this. I ordered the kit and it arrived within 2 days by express post. Saliva test and returned my sample and a few weeks later got all my reports. I am not the best reader but they are simple to understand and very helpful.

  45. Rob VDM

    Carol N (verified owner)

    The results were very clear and descriptive. I have had skin problems since very young and this gave me a new way to look at improving. Really interesting

  46. Ceecee F (verified owner)

    The lady pro pack enlightened me to all sorts of things that we ladies should be aware of. I really like the way the reports are so easy to understand too

  47. Rob VDM

    Nessa P (verified owner)

    A fully Affordable genome test. I was very happy with the quality of the reports and delivery time.

  48. Rob VDM

    Margaret F (verified owner)

    I learned a enormous amount from this experience. I highly recommend it to those who seek to know themselves better.

  49. Rob VDM

    Chester M (verified owner)

    Good stuff!!! Australian innovation at its best. Sorting out my brain fog and gut problems

  50. Rob VDM

    Tom M (verified owner)

    I live a busy life at sea most of the time in a high stress, mentally challenging environment. I have used the recommendations in all of the cognition and mental health reports to realign my mind and get down to where I need my head at. I recommend these and the gut/immune system reports to everyone. Ordering more reports today. Very happy to recommend this company and their dynamic work

  51. Rob VDM

    Jono M (verified owner)

    Great product from this innovative Queensland company.

  52. Rachel M (verified owner)

    Very happy I did this.

  53. Rob VDM

    Kate L (verified owner)

    Only by having your DNA mapped can you actually understand what your body needs and how to really look after it and Brain Labs ultimate pack does this and more. Expertly researched and presented reports that actually matter.Other dna testing companies should be looking to these guys and taking notes. Great job ?

  54. Rob VDM

    Edwin J (verified owner)

    My doctor actually referred me to this company after a number of tests to determine the source of my lethargy and general lack of energy through bloodwork proved inconclusive. The reports were concise and easy to understand and we nailed down the source and solution to my ailments. I really would not have thought to go down the DNA testing route but now it all makes sense. As Brain Labs says ‘start at the’. Thank you to all the team there.

  55. Rob VDM

    fi fi (verified owner)

    interesting read has helped me to think about certain lifestyle changes

  56. Rob VDM

    Rosie P (verified owner)

    Simply marvelous. Thank you so much for helping me to identify things that have really helped me to address my weight problems. Diet changed tick, no longer wasting money on supplements that are not needed tick, loads of information about possible future issues tick. I love this and have already recommended it to all my girlfriends

  57. Rob VDM

    Petra L (verified owner)

    Invested in 5 kits, three for the kids and my husband and I and I have to say that the reports have been extremely eye-opening and informative. We have taken food sensitivities and intolerances out of diets, addressed stress triggers and inflammation and are still going. The recommendations are easy to follow, no fancy diets to follow, just plain English facts. We are very happy that we choose to use Brain Labs fascinating DNA analysis.

  58. Petra C (verified owner)

    Really, really cool. A lot of interesting and very relevant information.

  59. Jessie G (verified owner)

    Loved getting my reports and reading all about my body. Totally fascinating and I wish I had done this before now. 2 thumbs up

  60. Margaret (verified owner)

    Superb product from this amazing company. The latest reports for PCOS and endometriosis were great reading and gave me piece of mind.

  61. Rob VDM

    Stef W (verified owner)

    The whole experience from shopping to getting my reports has been so exciting. I am now in touch with customer support and getting my supplements sorted out. I do thoroughly recommend this for anyone. A big thank you to all at brain labs

  62. Jacqueline O (verified owner)

    Really happy I did this. It has answered a lot of questions and is enormously helpful when pinning down problems.

  63. Susan M (verified owner)

    Excellent, thank you Brain labs.

  64. Rob VDM

    Jules (verified owner)

    It was a very easy and smooth process. They send you a collection tube which you need to fill with a little bit of saliva and then return to them in the envelope they provide. A few weeks later they put all the reports into my folder (file?) and I could access them all online. Very easy. Lots of information in the reports and very detailed science behind it. I am happy to recommend them.

  65. Jane Mc (verified owner)

    Loved the information in this pack and I have since purchased for both my daughters. It is a great tool to have when looking at health risks (PCOS, endometriosis and other woman’s concerns). I am finding so much helpful information. Good customer support too which is really something you don’t find often these days.

  66. Sonja G (verified owner)

    What can I say more than thank you for showing me the changes I needed to make. I always knew there was some issues and this has helped me and my doctor pinpoint the problems. Recommended

  67. Adelaide H (verified owner)

    Have received my reports this morning. Why didn’t I do this before?

  68. Rob VDM

    Sally FG (verified owner)

    We are so happy we choose Brain Labs to analyse our family’s DNA. Have made numerous changes to diets and supplements now, especially the kids and the improvements are too numerous to go into. I cannot recommend Brain Labs and their team enough. Thank you Martyn

  69. Christine Y (verified owner)

    I am so glad that I bought this, it is full of relevant and accurate information with quite a few observations that have been eye opening and gave me that ‘ah ha’. I cannot recommend this enough

  70. Rob VDM

    Charlie H (verified owner)

    Just received my results back and wish I had done a DNA test before.  I always thought that I had allergies,  this confirms everything and I will be going onto the lectic avoidance advice immediately. The 10% promo code is being used to buy more reports. Fascinating

  71. Grace R (verified owner)

    Me and my girlfriends did this and now I have the reports so glad we did. Go the lady pack

  72. Anna D (verified owner)

    I have certainly found out some things about myself that require attention and my doctor has really embraced this and the excellent reports that were provided by brain labs. A very worthwhile product with far reaching results.

  73. Rob VDM

    Maria M (verified owner)

    All good things to say about this company. Ordered and my kit was with me 2 days later, sent back the sample and a few weeks later I had an email saying my reports were in my portal. The reports are easy to understand and I am having fun getting to know me 🙂 Lots of things to address and look after but I really feel this is going to make a massive difference to my life.

  74. Bella M (verified owner)

    Well, where to start. Really good product and fantastic customer support (thank you Tobias and Martyn). Upgrading to the pro pack. The best Christmas pressie ever.

  75. Rob VDM

    Bec M (verified owner)

    Yes I would recommend having your dna analysed with brain labs.

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